May 2016 Information Technology Jobs at Andela


Andela is developing a corps of high-quality technology talent across the African continent that will drive the current and future phases of tech-enabled growth around the world.

At Andela, we find the brightest young people in Africa, train them to be world-class developers, and connect them with employers around the world looking for top technical talent. Passion, excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, and rejecting the status quo are just a few of the things that Andela team members have in common.

We have a vision to train 100,000 world-class developers in the next 10 years and we want you to help make it happen.

The following job openings are available:

  1. Director of Learning and Technology
  2. Simulations Facilitator
  3. Training Operations Coordinator
  4. Lead Software Engineer
  5. Lead Software Product Manager