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The answers provided as follows should not be repeated word for word, they are just guidelines. You have your own style of speech and unique experience, so try put the answers in your own words.

Itemize your skills as they parallel the requirements of  the job, then recall an incidence to illustrate each of those skills. When you have done this, you will be in a position to begin justifying your ability and suitability to an employer.

For the most recent graduates, here are tough questions specifically tailored to discover your business potential.

The interviewing process designed for recent graduates is particularly rigorous because management regards the hiring of entry – level professional as one of its toughest jobs. After relying as best as they can on aptitude tests and school performance to evaluate your ability, interviewers concentrate on questions that reveal how willing you are to learn and get the new job done and how manageable you are likely to be both on average days and when the going gets tough.

Your goal is to stand out from all other graduates as someone altogether different and better. For example, don’t be like thousands of others who in answers to questions about their greatest strength reply lamely ‘I’m good with people’ or ‘Ill like working with others’. As you know, such answers do not separate you from the rest. Infact, they brand you as average. To stand out, a recent graduate must recount past situation that illustrates how good he or she is with people or one that demonstrates an ability to be a team player.

It isn’t nessessary to have snap answers for every questions, because you never will. It is more important for you to pause after a question and collect your thought before answering; you must show that you think before you speak. That way, you will demonstrate your analytical abilities, which age feels youth has on short supply. By the same token occasionally asking for a question is useful to gain time and is quite acceptable as long as you don’t do it with every question.

And if a question beats you, it is sometimes best to say simply I don’t know or I’d like to come back to that later – the odds are even that the interviewer will forget to ask again; if he or she doesn’t at least you’ve had some time to come up with some answer. As a fresh graduate, you must bring to the table the ability to speak clearly.

Many fresh graduates are called for level entry interviews but only those who prepare themselves to answer questions will be chosen.

Interview for fresh graduates are partially sales presentations. And the more you interview, the better you get, so don’t leave preparation for them until the last minute. Start now, hone your skills to get ahead of your peers. A High Profile Consultant said concerning the fresh graduates; You are taking a new product to the market and that new product is yourself. Accordingly, you have got to analyse what you can do, who is likely to be interested, and how you are going to sell yourself to the Employers.

Take some time to get to know yourself and your particular skills and your values as they will be perceived in the world of work.

As the requirements for the job are unfolded for you at the interview, meet them point by point.

If your experience is limited, stress the appropriate key profile traits like determination, motivation, your relevant interest and your desire to learn. If you are weak in one particular area, keep your mouth shut. If the area is probed, be prepared to handle and overcome the negative by stressing skills that compensate and or demonstrate that you will learn fast.

…To be continued