Top 3 HOT Quotes From President Jonathan’s Media Chat

On Monday night, President Goodluck Jonathan was engaged in a media chat that was televised live and a series of questions were thrown at him around matters concerning the Boko Haram, the Centenary celebrations, the National Conference, and the suspended Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, . Here is a list of some of his statements that Nigerians won’t be forgetting in a hurry:

“Niger Delta militants do not kill for no reason, unlike Boko Haram”.

Over a week ago on Sunday in Borno state, eight communities were attacked by members of the Boko Haram sect, leaving so 121 people, including women and children dead, mostly burned alive from explosions during the attack.

When the President was asked about other strategies to stop Boko Haram violence, he had this to say: “They are not forthcoming. Immediately a group of people get into terror activities, they get brain-washed. They connect with other terror organizations. In the case of Niger-Delta, you can identify them, and when in my time as Deputy Governor, the leaders came for meetings, even in the state house, Abuja.”
Abubakar Boko Haram

“$20 billion is a lot money that can produce a lot of jobs for Nigerians….whether it was k1 or $1 that is missing we have to find it.”

Now suspended CBN Governor, Lamido Sanusi Lamido, alleged before his suspension that the NNPC had a certain $20 billion to account for. The news went viral sparking campaigns and protests from concerned Nigerians home and abroad demanding a clear explanation on the matter.
When the President was about the alleged missing money, he had this to say: “We were all alarmed when he said $49.8 billion was missing. I don’t know which to believe, the $49.8 billion or the $20 billion. Whatever we do, we must follow due process and rule of law. Sanusi’s suspension has nothing to do with what is happening now, not because of any whistle blowing.”

“National Conference is not about disintegration of Nigeria. Nigeria will not disintegrate.”

In January the Federal Government announced the modalities for the proposed but controversial National Dialogue, which is known as “The National Conference” and is expected to feature 492 delegates. The Conference is expected to last for 3 months and shall discuss any subject matter, except the indivisibility and indissolubility of Nigeria as a nation; therefore the unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable.
Speaking during the media chat about why the unity of Nigeria is a no-go area, the president said: “The committee that fashioned out the recommendation for the Conference said only one person suggested that Nigeria should not stay together.”