TOTAL Nigeria (TEPNG) Aptitude Test Past Questions

Total Exploration and Production Nigeria (TEPNG) recently announced various vacancies to be filled by qualified candidates. If you missed it, here is the vacancy announcement –

If you are qualified for any of the positions, this is the right time to start preparing for their rigorous Testing process since they’ll be calling for tests in a short while.

By the way, here’s a Quick Tour Guide of TOTAL Port Harcourt office in pictures, so that you can have a feel of what it looks like to work there.

TOTAL assessment comprises of 5 stages.

Stage 1:  Invitation for Aptitude test
Stage 2: Invitation for Professional Test (Area of Specialization)
Stage 3: SI Interview (Psychology and Career Interview)
Stage 4: General Panel Interview
Stage 5 : Medicals
If you successfully pass all the above stages, you’ll be offered your appointment letter.

The first stage, which is a computer based(CBT) aptitude test comprises of Numerical and Verbal/Logical Reasoning Questions.

A reliable source (an insider in Total) has provided us with these past questions. It will give you an insight into past exams conducted by TOTAL(ELF) and the nature of their test format.
It contains screenshots of their past aptitude test questions (you’ll even see Total(TEPNG) inscribed on the screenshots to confirm its authenticity).

The e-book is relatively affordable. For more information on the e-book and how to get it, Click Here  . On the opening page, scroll down to see TOTAL(ELF) Past questions and how to buy.

We always wish you luck in all your endeavours!